Global Silent Minute 2019

                         Harness the Power of Cooperation and Compassion  

                                   Pause for One Minute for One Humanity

                                9.00 pm on 21 December 2019, London GMT

                                  4.00pm on 21 December 2019, New York

                                   7.00am on 22 December 2019, Brisbane

                                    8.00am on 22 December 2019, Sydney

                                  2.30am on 22 December 2019, Darjeeling

A dedicated Minute of Silence harnessing the power of united intention to create the conditions for a Culture of Peace on Earth

The potency of a synchronised ‘Silent Minute’ focussed on peace and freedom for humanity was demonstrated during WWII, when millions of people within the British Commonwealth observed a minute of silence as the chiming of Big Ben was broadcast on BBC radio at 9.00pm, London GMT, every evening. The value and effectiveness of ‘The Silent Minute’ in bringing peace was acknowledged by a high ranking German officer who was quoted as saying: ‘During the war you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter-measure, and which we did not understand, but it was very powerful … I believe you called it ‘The Silent Minute.’

Since then, many experiments have shown that directing goodwill through focussed, unified thought creates positive effects.  Tapping the power of united intention to visualise and create the future we want enables us to take shared responsibility for the stewardship of our planet, creating the conditions for a culture of peace, so that we can navigate the current global challenges.

Let us come together in a Spirit of Goodwill, knowing that we can achieve a unity that both includes and transcends our own philosophy, spirituality and cultural beliefs, and calls us to our highest selves.  By dedicating a minute to silence we add to a global reservoir of thought that will inspire cooperative endeavours to create a better world for all, so that, together, we can grow a Global Culture of Peace.

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Growing Peace

‘Growing Peace’ builds on Cygnet’s 2018 Peace Day event by inviting Maleny and surrounding communities to a two-part, culture & arts-based celebration to express, connect with, and dialogue about Peace on International Peace Day 21 September 2019.

Expressions of Peace – Part 1 

‘Expressions of Peace,’ an afternoon event including a Welcome to Country, a Corroboree lead by G.M.U, collaborative arts activities and a closing ceremony featuring music, song, and the creation of a ‘Peace Tree.’ Responding to the enthusiasm to grow further dialogue from last year’s Peace Day event, Cygnet will also facilitate a talking circle focussed around peace, inclusion, and reconciliation during the afternoon.

GMU is owned and operated by David and Mark Peters, Pititinjara men who are proud to be able to share ancient lore and culture, connecting and facilitating while maintaining a safe space for people of all cultural backgrounds to learn and create. They place a high value on sharing personal stories, experience and culture to enhance self-determination, respect, spirituality, wellbeing, and healing for self and others.

Harmonies for Peace – Part 2 

‘Harmonies for Peace’ an evening concert of intercultural sacred music with Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, closing with a minute of silence dedicated to peace. 

Kim Cunio and Heather Lee are known to Coast audiences through appearances at Woodford festival and sacred music concerts in the region. They bring a meditative focus to their interpretations of sacred music, evoking a sense of communion, harmony, and inner peace.Their approach to the music is inclusive and expansive, working across many traditions and cultures.Heather is an award-winning opera singer whose vocal power and control are amazing, while Kim is a composer who has researched and brought back to life ancient sacred and traditional music from around the world.


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