December Solstice Silent Minute 2019

A  S I L E N T  M I N U T E  F O R  P E A C E

9.00 pm on 21 December 2019, London GMT

(preceding the December solstice)

A dedicated Minute of Silence harnessing the power of united intention 

to create the conditions for a Culture of Peace on Earth

The potency of a synchronised ‘Silent Minute’ focussed on peace and freedom for humanity was demonstrated during WWII, when millions of people within the British Commonwealth observed a minute of silence as the chiming of Big Ben was broadcast on BBC radio at 9.00pm, London GMT, every evening. The value and effectiveness of ‘The Silent Minute’ in bringing peace was acknowledged by a high ranking German officer who was quoted as saying: ‘During the war you had a secret weapon for which we could find no counter-measure, and which we did not understand, but it was very powerful … I believe you called it ‘The Silent Minute.’

Since then, many experiments have shown that directing goodwill through focussed, unified thought creates positive effects.  Tapping the power of united intention to visualise and create the future we want enables us to take shared responsibility for the stewardship of our planet, creating the conditions for a culture of peace, so that we can navigate the current global challenges.

Let us come together in a Spirit of Goodwill, knowing that we can achieve a unity that both includes and transcends our own philosophy, spirituality and cultural beliefs, and calls us to our highest selves.  By dedicating a minute to silence we add to a global reservoir of thought that will inspire cooperative endeavours to create a better world for all, so that, together, we can grow a Global Culture of Peace.

Download the Flyer and Frequently Asked Questions for more information.