Building peace in our hearts, homes and communities

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Cygnet’s work is guided by our awareness of the interconnection and interdependence of all life. Our vision of ‘transforming relationships through peacebuilding and restorative practices’ expresses our focus on strengthening relationships as the best way to achieve peace and prevent violence and harmful behavior. We seek to harness the creative potential of conflict by setting up safe environments where people can discover the hidden messages and unmet needs within the conflict. We use a range of peacebuilding practices to transform conflict, from the individual to the collective level, and to support the improvement and repair of relationships between people and communities. These include meditation, mindfulness, social and emotional learning, trauma responsive practice, facilitated and community dialogue, community arts projects, mediation, and restorative practices. 

Cygnet’s work to date has progressed down three paths: 1) direct conflict transformation work, commissioned by organisations, using mediation and restorative practices to enable participants to unlock conflict and generate ways to move forward creatively; 2) community dialogue processes, drawing forth the expression of need around peacebuilding, facilitating the development of options for community action; and 3) youth and community engagement, through discussions about peace and youth needs and developing video documentary (‘Talking Peace’) giving voice to youth perspectives and experiences. 

We invite you to support the sustainability of this work through contributing time, treasure and talent. You can donate here via the donate button or contact us to discuss how you might be able too join in building a more peaceful world for all.